Become a certified auditor for the Cyberesponse Label - Security 2023

You are a freelance consultant or a current employee with expertise and skills in auditing and cybersecurity ? Join us as an accredited Cyberesponse Label auditoresponse.

Become an auditor

Becoming a Cyberesponse Label auditor has many benefits. You will have the opportunity to make an active contribution to protecting companies against cyber threats, and to encourage the adoption of best practices in cybersecurity. You'll also come into contact with professionals from different fields, and have the opportunity to exchange both knowledge and experience with them.

Dans un monde de plus en plus connecté, la cybersécurité est devenue un enjeu crucial pour les entreprises. Les risques liés aux cyberattaques sont en constante évolution, ce qui nécessite de prendre des mesures pour protéger les systèmes et les données sensibles. C’est dans ce contexte que le Label Cyberesponse a été créé afin d’évaluer et de certifier la sécurité informatique des entreprises.

  • M1 : Acquire a sound knowledge of the fundamental principles of cybersecurity / understand the risks and stakes for companies

  • M2 : Position the Cyberesponse Label in relation to other standards

  • M3 : Understand the Cyberesponse Label / Understand the importance of ethics and values in the audit process / Know how to use the Accredited Auditor logo

  • M4 : Master the Cyberesponse Label audit methodology, including planning and execution / Know how to collect relevant information and assess the company's compliance with the label criteria / Understand the evaluation grid and the protocol for submitting the report to the company.

  • M5 : Conduct an audit for the Cyberesponse Label / Solve problems in a cybersecurity context

  • M6 : Practicing for the exam / Validating the skills required to pass / Passing the MCQ

To take this cybersecurity auditing course, recommended prerequisites include basic IT and cybersecurity knowledge, familiarity with privacy laws (RGPD and LPD), communication skills, and a good understanding of auditing principles. Professional experience in IT, auditing or risk management is also recommended. Public: Auditors wishing to work in a new field of activity, IT professionals undergoing retraining, current or self-employed IT professionals, recent graduates looking for a job in a fast-growing sector.

The Cyberesponse Label - Approved Auditor training course is delivered synchronously via a secure personal space. This 100% digital environment provides participants with:
✓ Course support, PowerPoint presentations, exam preparation
✓ Case studies, exercises, audit tool, formative assessments
✓ Group discussions and question-and-answer sessions
✓ Feedback from trainers
Training is delivered by expert cybersecurity trainers with Cyberesponse Label accreditation.

Training content

introduction to training

Understand the label (40min)
  • Understand the label

  • Label comparison (ISO 27001, NIS2, GDRP)
    normes (ISO 27001, NIS2, RGPD)

Sell and organize the audit (60min)
  • Organize the audit

  • Communicate, sell the label

Fundamentals of Cybersecurity (5h)
  • Basics concepts

  • Master the SI concept

  • Understand cyber risk

  • Governance

Q&A and discussion (20min)

M4 : Evaluate the compliance of deliverables (7h)
  • Evaluate the compliance of deliverables from the 10
    themes of the label’s framework
  • Master the audit software

Q&A and discussion (20min)

M5 : Preparing for the exam (5h)

  • Autonomous and asynchronous work on practical cases

  • Tutoring: 2 hours in a group of 3 to 5 people dedicated to preparation

Within a maximum of 90 days after the end of the training course, and using the resources provided, an audit file is to be completed and submitted on the personal space. You will then be automatically registered, without any action on your part and in chronological order of submission, for the next validation exam session.
Twice a month, our jury meets to study the files and validate or not the exam. If you pass, you'll receive your certificate by email, and if you fail, you'll have the chance to retake the exam once free of charge



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The instructors

Cyberesponse Label auditor instructors are highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of cybersecurity and auditing. They have in-depth expertise in IT security standards and best practices, as well as specific knowledge of the label's criteria and requirements.