Cyberesponse Label
Your Cyber Resilience Guarantee

The Label Cyberesponse The Cyber Response Label is a distinctive certification enabling companies to prove that the necessary steps have been taken to secure their IT systems and data.

The Label Cyberesponse The Cyber Response Label is based on Cybersecurity best practices and has been developed in collaboration with experts in the field. It is aimed at companies wishing to improve their cyber resilience.

In drawing up the label, the requirements were established in a progressive and complementary manner to offer a comprehensive and comprehensible approach to cybersecurity. They have been organized into 10 themes, including data protection, user awareness, risk and incident management.

The label is based on ENISA and ANSSI (French National Agency for Security and Information Systems) best practices and hygiene rules, as well as CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) recommendations. This label constitutes the security foundation for the company, it's a continuity towards regulations such as the RGPD and a springboard towards standards such as ISO 2700X or the NIS 2 directive.

Cyber Response Label
The Cyberesponse

Added value for your business

Improving your resilience to cyber-attacks:

By complying with the requirements of the Cyberesponse Label, the company strengthens its resilience in the face of cyberattacks. It implements effective security measures, incident detection and response procedures, and proactive vulnerability management. This reduces the risk of business disruption, data theft or damage to the company's reputation. In the event of an incident, the company is better prepared to deal with it and minimize the impact.

Stand out from the crowd:

In a competitive environment, a Cyberesponse certification can be a significant competitive advantage. It enables a company to differentiate itself by demonstrating its commitment to sound cybersecurity practices and highlighting its ability to manage the risks associated with cyber threats. This can attract new customers, partners and investors who place a high value on data security.

Building trust and credibility:

Cyberesponse Label testifies to a company's commitment to cybersecurity and demonstrates its ability to effectively protect sensitive data and its information system. This strengthens the trust of customers, business partners and stakeholders, which can lead to better business relationships and a positive brand image.

Reduce cyber insurance costs:

Cyber insurance has become indispensable for dealing with cybersecurity risks. However, insurance premiums can be high should your company be considered as having an insufficient level of security. By obtaining the Cyber Compliance Label, you prove that your company has effective protective measures in place, which can lead to lower insurance premiums En obtenant le Label Cyberesponse, vous prouvez que votre entreprise a mis en place des mesures de protection efficaces, ce qui permet d’entraîner une réduction des primes d’assurance.

3 certification stages

Customized to your actual situation

Each level of certification represents a further step in strengthening a company's cybersecurity. By moving from "Committed" to "Qualified" and finally to "Certified", the company demonstrates its ongoing commitment to data protection, risk management and resilience in the face of cyber threats


The "Committed" stage is the initial level of the approach. At this point, the company will put in place the essential commitments that will form its cybersecurity foundation. Basic security concepts will be covered, such as securing terminals, managing passwords, identifiers and IS access

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Qualified" is the intermediate stage of certification. At this level, the company will consolidate the achievements of the "Committed" stage, and begin to move towards more advanced concepts. Topics such as the monitoring and management of critical data, the identification of relations with third parties and risk assessment will be covered.

Cyber Response Label

Certified" is the final stage in the certification process. It is the culmination of the efforts made in the previous stages. The most complex concepts will be covered here, enabling you to finalize the security of your system. More far-reaching aspects, such as the implementation of an ISSP or the creation of an incident and crisis management plan, will be covered.

This label provides independent validation of a company's commitment and efforts to protect sensitive data.

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